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Tyres for BMW


You will never be left stranded with an original star marked BMW Tyre. Carefully designed to suit the speed and power of your BMW, these tyres are the definition of luxury and premier quality.

Why Choose BMW Approved Tyres

To get the best value for your BMW Tyre Price and to ensure that the tyres match the performance capabilities of your vehicle, choose only BMW approved tyres. You can identify an original tyre with the star mark of the sidewall. These tyres manufactured in association with some of the best tyre manufacturing brands have the following features:

  • The product substance used in the tyres are developed based on the specific requirements set by BMW.

  • Star marked tyres are in line with the BMW safety systems such as ABS and DSC.

  • They meet all the criteria set by BMW including comfort, speed response, stability and acoustics.

Choosing the Perfect BMW Tyre

The right BMW Tyre Size and fit is the most important criteria and it depends on the model that you drive. There are some other factors that also come into play when you are choosing your BMW Tyre:

  • Check the speed Index of your vehicle before selecting the tyre. Speed index determines the maximum speed of the automobile. Making sure that the wheel matches your speed index is extremely important for safety.

  • Get the BMW Run on Flat Advantage. These tyres are can run for about 80kms at a speed of 80kmph even when they are deflated. They come with an RCS emblem on the sidewall that makes it easy to identify. Choosing run flat technology gives you the best return on investment on the BMW Tyre Price because you do not have to change the tyre even if it is deflated, you get maximum boot space and have better control over your vehicle

                                               BMW Tyre Size:

      3 Series                                       205/55 R16     225/55 R16

      5 Series(Till 2016)                      225/55 R17

      5 Series(2016-)                           245/45 R18

      7 Series                                       245/50 R18

      X5                                                 255/55 R18    

      X6                                                 255/50 R19

      X3                                                 225/60 R17

      X1                                                 225/50 R18


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