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Tyres for AUDI


The outstanding performance and handling features of the Audi can only be enjoyed when you have the right Audi Tyre Type to suit your model. Developed with some of the best tyre manufacturing brands in the world, Audi Original Tyres are the most reliable choice for these powerful vehicles. Each tyre undergoes over 50 standard and quality tests to ensure that it complements the make and the power of your Audi perfectly. Look for an AO or ROI marking on the sidewall to make sure that it is an Audi Original Tyre.


                                             Audi Tyre Types

  You have a wide range of Audi Tyre models that are placed in three broad categories:

  • All-season: Get the perfect Audi Tyre Sizes for cabriolets and sport sedans in this range. These tyres give you the best handling, comfort and tread life. Suited for wet and dry conditions, these tryres come with siped tread blocks and horizontal grooves to give you better traction even in wet conditions.

  • Ultra-performance tyres: For the most powerful vehicles, get the best value for the Audi Tyre Price with the ultra-performance range. Optimal traction is guaranteed with circumferential grooves along with larger outer tread blocks. Tread to road contact is also higher with minimum sipping. Get great balance and stability with the special tread compound that is ideal for both wet and dry conditions. These tyres are ideal for the R8, S and RS models.

                                               Audi Tyre Size:

      A3                                                 205/55 R16     225/45 R17

      A4                                                 225/55 R16     225/50 R17

      A6                                                 225/55 R17

      A6 Matrix                                     245/45 R18

      Q3                                                 235/55 R17     235/50 R18

      Q5                                                 235/65 R17     235/60 R18

      Q7                                                 255/55 R18     275/45 R20

      R8                                                 235/35 R19 (Front)  295/30 R19 (Rear)

      A8                                                 235/55 R18

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