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Toyota Fortuner: Tyre & Wheel Upgrade Thread

I had purchased a well maintained 2010 model Fortuner last June and it had run about 1.16k kms. The previous owner had changed its tyres from Dunlop to Bridgestone at 85000kms. 

All was going well till I had run 141000 and sensed that the tyres were not gripping the road as it used to be earlier and particularly while cornering in high speeds the vehicle seemed to drift a bit and my confidence level had reached an all time low. What was surprising was that the tyres had almost more than 10% of thread left in it.

At around 145000 kms, I had a few more scary moments when I decided I had to change my tyres and that was what my service advisor too kept on telling me.

Now the confusion started as to which brand I should go for?

Searched the forums and shortlisted few namely Michelin latitude cross, yokohoma geolander and continental . Yokohoma had a few complaints about the sidewalls gettings damaged and honestly was not confident about continental tyres performance on highways and finally settled for Michelin latitude cross @ 17500 per tyre and boy wasn't I overjoyed at my decision for the below mentioned reasons:

First of all the tyres were super silent and there was no road noise whatsoever .

Secondly the comfort of the tyres made me feel as if the fortuner is more stable and am able to push her hard at high speed and no matter how hard I try the tyres seem to have literally glued to the road. Finally I had to travel amidst unexpected heavy rainfall due to a depression formed and my god this is where the tyres performed the best, no squealing, no skidding and kept the vehicle well planted in high speeds. 

I have run these tyres for almost 4000 kms in a period of one month and I'd say that they had become better and better after every km run.

I would definitely suggest Michelin latitude cross for any one who wants to change the tyres in a fortuner despite the reason it costs more than its nearest rival Bridgestone and other brands by rs.3500 per tyre, I would say that the money was well spent out ..... Aint our life worth more than this difference ?

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