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Ford Ecosport

Evaluating tyre upgrade options for Ford Ecosport TDCi Titanium(O). The stock tires are 205/60 R 16. I am looking to upgrade to 215/55 R16. Primarily evaluating Michelin, Yokohoma and Bridgestone. The following models are listed as available in the company website for size 215/55 R 16. 

Michelin - Primacy LC

Yokohoma - DNA db ES501

Bridgestone - Turanza GR 90

I have used Michelin XM 1, XM 1+ and XM2 and have found them extremely good for my kind of use. Unfortunately 215/55 R16 is not available in XM2. Michelin Primacy LC reviews highlight its soft sidewall. Yokohoma ES 501 reviews mention its not so good wet grip. Have read some good reviews of Turanza GR 90.

Requesting Tyre gurus to provide inputs and help in identifying the best Tyre for comfort and grip. 

I haven't checked with any of the dealers for actual availability of the above mentioned tires. Data picked up from manufacturer website.

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