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Tyres for JAGUAR


The right tyres for your vehicle ensure that you do not make any compromises on the performance. With Jaguar Tyres, Original Equipment tyres are best suited for your vehicle because they are tested for safety, durability and optimal performance under diverse driving conditions.

Why Choose Original Equipment Tyres

Don’t let the Jaguar Tyre Price make you lean towards other cheaper options. Buying Original Equipment Tyres is a one time investment that you will make for longer tyre life and several other advantages as mentioned below:

  • You get better handling and grip in both dry and wet conditions.

  • Ride comfort is better and the noise is lesser.

  • Improved durability and endurance reduce wear and tear.

  • Efficient fuel consumption is assured with optimal rolling resistance.

  • Get better snow traction for maximum safety in cold and wet driving conditions.

  • These tyres are also resistant to any flat spots in parking or vibration.

  • The tyre pressure of original equipment tyres are optimized to give you better tyre loading and to match the speed requirements of the vehicle.

The strong design of the wheels along with the right Jaguar Tyres means that you are able to enjoy a great drive each time you take your powerful vehicle out.

Jaguar Models

                                               BMW Tyre Size:

      3 Series                                       205/55 R16     225/55 R16

      5 Series(Till 2016)                      225/55 R17

      5 Series(2016-)                           245/45 R18

      7 Series                                       245/50 R18

      X5                                                 255/55 R18    

      X6                                                 255/50 R19

      X3                                                 225/60 R17

      X1                                                 225/50 R18


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